My top 5 favorite brunch places in CPH

I love brunch, love love loooooove brunch. The best of two meals in one. What’s not to like?

New places are opening all the time in Copenhagen – so I am always behind on trying the new places.

But my current favorite spots are these:


Brunch Wullf & Konstali

Brunch Wulff & Konstali

1. Wulff & Konstali (both on Lergravsvej, Amager, and in Waterfront shopping center in Hellerup). The food is excellent and I totally prefer the “pick 5 or 7 things for your brunch”. It is definitely the best and most cozy spot on Amager, but they have more tables in Hellerup. The food is the same! Can I recommend their waffle with salt and caramel? Its to die for…



Brunch Mad og Kaffe

Brunch Mad og Kaffe

2. Mad og Kaffe at Sønder Boulevard at Vesterbro. Same concept and sooo tasty. There is often a waiting list for a table, but worst case is to wait 15 minutes – not bad.


3. Union Kitchen at Store Strandstræde next to Nyhavn has awesome food, very hip atmosphere and one of they only places where you can actually book a table. Big advantage.


Fars Dreng Tatar

Fars Dreng

Breakfast Fars Dreng

Breakfast Fars Dreng

4. Fars Dreng just opened their 2nd restaurant in the city and it is still just as chill and good food. Not that bad in pricing either. They are located in both Ny Adelgade and now Rosengaarden between Kultorvet and Fiolstræde. For lunch: try their steak tartare, but their Croque Madame, skyr and waffle are great choices!




Brunch Cafe Livingstone

Brunch Cafe Livingstone

5. Cafe Livingstone at Sortedam Dosseringen has for me been a mixed experience – because of some lack in good service. But at my latest visit everything was super. The food has been so since they opened, but now the service also can keep up. Here you can book a table and it has plenty of space outside for summer time.


Other places I’ve tried that didn’t make my top 5 list is:

Møller – Kaffe og Køkken, Laundromat, Dag H, Hønen og Ægget


Whats yours and why? Please let me know…. I’m always up for trying new places. 🙂



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