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Who am I and what do I wish to let you know?

I am 33 years old, living in Copehagen in supposedly the happiest country in the world. I live with my boyfriend, Michael, and our little bobble was expanded with the most wonderful son in June 2017, Theodor. I am from Horsens and lived in Aarhus for 10 years before moving to CPH. My boyfriend and I bought an old apartment and fully renovated it, and I’m in love with it!!

I have so much stuff and tips I would like for all of you guys to know, which I at some point needed myself at the time. Maybe its my favorite brunch places — cause I eat a LOT of brunch, or tips to get away with minimum equipment for having a baby etc.

You are welcome to give me input if there is some topics you want me to include in my posts.



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