8 months have passed…

Baby puree

…and it’s all about the food.

Now Theodor is 8 months and we started late with giving him real food, all and every day is about what to make, when to make it, diversity, tastes, texture, take food with you when going out etc. At first I had looked so much forward to it. I had been looking forward to experiencing him more full, so hopefully he could sleep better. But also to see how interested he really was in food and if he was picky.

He is both interested and until now eats everything, which is great.

I am enjoying not breastfeeding so much anymore. It is now only 1-2 times per day – yeah, but wow it was easier going out and staying out all day when I did it the whole day…

The food during the day now is porridge twice a day and purees made of all sorts of vegetables and now meat. I am lacking the creativity of the whole time thinking about new ingrediens to use.

What do you make and use for your babies around this age?





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