Moving to Canada…

Late 2018 we took the plunge and decided to move to Canada. Toronto to be more specific. We never had any idea about it was in Toronto we were gonna end up, but we are so happy about it.

We always have had the desire of going abroad for work and experiencing other cultures and other ways of doing things ever since we met. We also knew that it needed to be the right package if we were to go out. By that I mean of course a salary that could support the other person not having to work immediately as so many things need to be in place, the work it self should be interesting as it is many hours per day and per week and per month you spend on it, and also a country and a culture where we would be safe raising kids.

We always had Australia on the list (Sydney and Melbourne were high prios on the list after visiting Australia in January 2018), there was Singapore, Europe and US. US because my sister lives in California and it would make sense to be closer to her and her family.

But why didn’t we think of Canada? No idea. But the offer came all the sudden in Sept 2018 I believe, and our first thought was “why not”? It has a very positive reputation regarding work/life balance compared to the US, it has beautiful nature, the culture is somewhat like Danish which is attractive when moving your whole life, the language is easy for us with English being our 2nd language from a young age, and just trying to live in a big city like Toronto was appealing to the both of us.

It was Michael who got the job offer and I didn’t want to say yes or no until Michael had thought about it whether the job actually was interesting for him or not – from a professional point of view… But it was and we decided to do it!

I think he signed the contract finally in November and we left Denmark on the 17th of January 2019!

Off and away for new adventures…


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